RESIM 2022 was a great sucess!

The International Conference on Advanced Research on Sustainability and Intelligent Manufacturing RESIM 2022, held on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2022 was a great success.

RESIM 2022

RESIM2022 is the 3rd edition of a conference series which is focused on Sustainability in Manufacturing to help inform a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all people and the world by 2030.

RESIM 2022 will be a Hybrid Conference and it will be possible to attend to the conference in presential and online way.

Manufacturing and Climate Change

Human-induced climate change;
Impacts of human-induced climate change;
Option for adaptation and mitigation;
Secure, clean and efficient energy;

Manufacturing for Secure Societies

Innovative and inclusive societies;
Reflective societies;
Demographic change;

Manufacturing with innovative sustainable materials

Smart materials;
Resource efficiency and raw materials;
Reintegrating waste materials;

Manufacturing for improved health and well-being

Rehabilitation and ergonomic systems;
Biomedical devices, prosthetic and orthosis;
Biomanufacturing and Regenerative Medicine;
Sustainable integrated user-centered care;

Manufacturing to enhance food, security and bioeconomy

Enhancing food security;
Sustainable agriculture;
Manufacturing from forest;
Manufacturing related to marine resources and bioeconomy;
Circular economy;

Intelligent manufacturing systems (Industry 4.0)

Customization and personalization of manufacturing products, processes and systems;
Flexible, reconfigurable and changeable manufacturing systems;
Cyber-physical production systems;
Multi-physics models and simulation;






Sub-topics accepted


RESIM Conferences


Dates to keep in mind.

Submission deadline: 13th May 2022 (Friday)

Authors notified of acceptance: 18th May 2022

Deadline for Final Extended Abstracts 30th June 2022

Special Issue in International Indexed Open Access Journal ms deadline: 31st December 2022

Deadline for registration: 31st May 2022 (Tuesday)


Participation in RESIM2022 is free but prior registration is required….

Pre-conferences papers to be submitted to Proceedings Special Issue to be published in Substainabiity

RESIM2022 will have a near zero carbon footprint!

For 2022 we have adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN

Presentations which inform and develop any of these topics will be most welcome. We particularly invite presentations from early career researcher. To ensure that this conference has a near zero carbon foot print we will hold the sessions online following the move established in 2020.